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Ipad the revolution

More than 2 million iPads have been sold worldwide since the tablet was launched in April, and a variety of unconventional uses have been found for it. We all know that it is a gem when watching videos and playing games. Designed for internet browsing and reading newspapers one church in Bo‘ness near Edinburgh, has even started broadcasting its Sunday service on the iPad for worshipers who are house bound or in nursing homes. Showing just one of the infinite possibilities of the device.

Apple’s Ipad has also made its way into the boardroom. Companies who typically print off dozens of paper packs for their board members, which can run to up to 1,600 colour pages that also have to be shipped to various locations, are finding the iPad useful as well. Information made easier to spread to members of the board through the iPad will save major companies loads of money.

Apple is likely to accelerate the adoption of Apps for the workplace. Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and chief executive, has even suggested that the tablet computer could kill off the PC.

Watch this space!

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